Borenore Karst Conservation Reserve (Borenore Caves)

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NSW 2800
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Reviews of Borenore Karst Conservation Reserve (Borenore Caves)

    Roaming Troy Added April 20, 2019
    Nice spot for a quick touch n go , looky looky yonder.
    Peter Quinton Added April 15, 2019
    An amazing place, Borenore Creek has cut a giant arch cave through a limestone hill (which is full of marine fossils) before plunging underground and cutting a huge overhang cave a little further on.

    This used to be a poorly maintained area, full of blackberries. It now boasts a large well maintained picnic area at the bottom of a moderately steep 2wd access track. A secure bridge spans the creek and there are useful interpretive sign in place.

    There are a couple of paths through the first set of caves to the arch - or you can hike to the top of the arch (a great place to find small marine fossils in the eroding limestone.

    The ‘Verandah’ Cave is some distance downstream. There is a long overhang cave along the creek at this point as well as a number of number of deeper very narrow crawl caves following the underground course of the creek.
    Nic Fulton Added April 14, 2019
    Interesting limestone caves which are fairly accessible to all. Huge natural arch over a river.
    Terry Davis Added April 12, 2019
    Worth a look. You take either the serious cave walk 2/3 hrs, or the family friendly short more open creavous and creek. Nice park with drop toilets.
    Rachael Mize Added April 11, 2019
    What a great cave! You can do as you please and look around without a guide and without paying for entrance.

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